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If Triqita did not exist, it would be necessary to invent her.

- Why? 

- Because Triqita makes your life easier.

- How? 

- Triqita provides you with  beautiful, meaningful, useful, luxurious and unique

gifts on any occasion and for anybody you love.

In Tiqita Collections are the Gifts for Travel Lovers, For Pet Lovers, For Flowers Lovers...

Triqita makes the gifts of natural high quality silk and creates

a unique package with a story for each item.

Triqita’s silk gifts are easy to carry, to mail and fun to give, recieve and wear.

     Now, guess what is made of silk that there can never be too many of in one’s wardrobe?

-Yes! Silk ties and silk scarves!

- How can silk ties and scarves have their stories?

    - We make our ties and scarves from our photos of real objects.  We manipulate  the photos until we end up with the pattern we like. 

Then we write the story about what is on the photo, which we

converted into a tie or a scarf. 

    Let’s say  you had a memorable trip to Paris

and want to share your memories and feelings.

In Gifts from Paris you have silk ties, and silk scarves made of the photo of Eiffel Tower. 

Our story is printed on the package for the tie and on the card for the scarf. 

But we can also print your story...

People love gifts with a story, a memory and love behind them.

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