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To maintain the beauty and value of your silk scarves and ties, follow some simple and common-sense guidelines, and it will keep your silk garments at their best for a lifetime

How to hand wash your silk scarf:


  • Soak the garment in lukewarm water and a mild soap solution. A good shampoo works well on silk. It will remove oil and revitalise your silk. Do not use an alkaline shampoo or one which contains ingredients such as wax, petroleum, or their derivatives, as these products will leave a residue on your silk and may cause "oil" spots).

  • Rinse in clear, cool water until all the soap is gone.


  • Fill the sink again and add a quarter cup of white vinegar to the final rinse. Vinegar neutralises any remaining soap, and allows it to rinse out completely restoring the fabric's natural sheen, it can make a dramatic difference.

  • Give the fabric a final rinse in clear, cool water to remove the vinegar smell.


  • Roll up in a towel to remove moisture

  • Dry flat on a towel or on a padded hanger. Never use a dryer to dry silk.


  • Iron with a low-medium temperature iron while still slightly damp. Press cloths and a steam iron are recommended

  When you are not wearing your silk scarf:


  • fold it without creasing

  • keep it in a dark, dry drawer or box or hang it over a  padded hanger in your closet (silk weakened            by  sunlight)

  • be sure to iron it at low temperatures ( Silk may yellow and fade with the use of high iron setting)

  • always hand wash silk garments immediately if they become stained and after wearing when you are 'active' (perspiration weakens silk)

  • dry clean only when it becomes soiled

   How to care for silk tie:


  • keep ties hanging or lying down

  • protect  ties against the sun, dust, humidity

  • use a dry-cleaning if a tie needs to be cleaned

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