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Does triQita offer limited edition items?


Yes! All of our products are in the category of Limited Edition. The maximum number of copies of one design is 99. We add new designs any time we get inspired. Come more often to our galleries, and see our new items.



Does triQita offer personalized options?


Yes! triQita offers:

1. printing a desirable name or inscription on a scarf or a tie of your choice. It will be a scarf, or a tie made just for you. Please see details in custom made

2. triQita designs scarves and ties just for you, based on the images that you wish to be used for your design. Please see more details in custom made


Does triQita design accessories as corporate and special event gifts?


Yes, we love to do something special, giving some social impact, preserving memories of special events.  Look at the scarf Pictures at the Exhibition, and the tie Jockey of Artemision, as a few examples of these kind of designs. Always contact us to discuss how we can convert your ideas into a special gift.


Does triQita restock sold out items?


Yes, if there are at least 16 requests for this item. Just add it to "Favorites" and we will inform you when the item you are interested in is going to be available.

Otherwise we can make it just for you. See custom made.  In approximately 40 days after we get your request and payment, your ordered item will be ready to be shipped to you.


Does triQita ensure the exact match of the color, design and style of triQita products in the photographs displayed in this shop and the original products?


triQita takes every effort to try to ensure that the coloring, design and style of the triQita products in the photographs displayed on the website are representative of the original products, yet variations may occur due to technical restrictions of color reproduction on your computer equipment.


Does triQita ensure the exact match of the dimensions of the scarves?


2%-3% margin of error for scarves is normal and acceptable due to silk shrinkage during the technological process.


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