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Triqita’s silk ties and scarves from the Gifts for Travel Lovers Collection is our Silk Road to many countries. They preserve the images of different countries and tell our stories about them. With Triqita silk scarves and ties, it is easy to travel - they are light and make you feel more comfortable and safe when the air conditioner blows too much, or the sun heats too hot. With Triqita silk scarves and ties it is easy to return home, having them as a unique gift from the country you have visited. With Triqita silk scarves and ties it is easy to solve the problem of a decent gift to your foreign business partners - just bring them silk ties and scarves telling the stories about your country. If your country is not on our list yet, but it has something you wish other people to see and know, contact us and we will design a silk gift from your country and add it to our Gift for Travel Lovers Collection.

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