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Gifts from Durres

   The Beauty of Durres is the oldest and the most famouse mosaic discovered in Albania. It is 2400 years old. For her age she looks very well, especially if we consider that she spent most of her life buried deep in the soil. She was found 95 years ago, lost for another 10 years, then discovered again in 1947 and moved in 1982 from the place of her origin (Durres) to the place of her residence, which is the National Historical Museum of Albania in Tirana. Triqita made digital restauration of the mosaic and converted it into exquisit silk gifts from Albania.

Bukuroshja e Durresit

Natural silk - chiffon scarf 

Bukuroshja e Durresit (The Beauty of Durres). Mosaic 4 century B.C. National Historical Museum of Albania. Tirana. Photo ©Lowell Lander

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