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Silk chiffon scarf Birds of Paradise
Silk chiffon scarf Birds of Paradise

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Size: 140 x 21 cm | 55 x 8.3 in

Birds of Paradise

Hand rolled long scarf

100% Natural Silk Chiffon

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Berat source of inspiration
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  Natural Silk-Chiffon Long scarf Birds of Paradise from Gifts for Flower Lovers collection by triQita has everything - a  size perfect for decoration (140x21cm /55x8.3"), the incomparable touch of natural silk, the strong contrast of red and green against a black background - to surely make the Birds of Paradise your special little luxury accessory. The scarf Birds of Paradise is eye catching, eye pleasing, and mood sparkling. You don't have to think of how to tie the scarf Birds of Paradise. Just show it off.  Both ends of the scarf Birds of Paradise have a special pattern, so bring them to the very front. Put Birds of Paradise on for your date, for your marriage anniversary, or for attracting someone you dream about, and you will see the magic of the Birds of Paradise work for you. Why? Read the story of the Birds of Paradise scarf.

  Triqita designed the scarf Birds of Paradise from a photo of a flower Heliconia rostrata Ruiz & Pavon. We took the photo at the isolated resort Centara near Krabi, Thailand while celebrating  our wedding anniversary in this real paradise.  

  Sigmund Freud said that “flowers are restful to look at. They have neither emotions nor conflicts,” and they have sexuality. Take a close look into an open flower, and you will find there a beautiful manifestation of what looks very much like the most 

intimate parts of the human body. Every look into a natural flower makes us feel shy sexual agitation. 
  Now, take a look at the photo of the flowers Birds of Paradise, and it will turn your feelings and thoughts to what is unconsciously always with us, in us, and around us – to love. Triqita applied symmetry to reassemble the Birds of Paradise in a new way, so that a new level of beauty appears with a new dynamic. Triqita's Birds of Paradise have an internal impulse, which strikes our subconscious and inspires us to look for love and to see beauty.

  The Birds of Paradise points down with semi-oval flowers on its curving, perfectly regular, spotlessly red stems. The yellow-green ends of the flowers are so precise that all together the Birds of Paradise appear almost artificial. But as soon as you touch it, you feel how the juice of life flows in the curves of the Birds of Paradise.

  The natural dynamism of the long zigzagging stems of Birds of Paradise perfectly matches with the flying weightless pure chiffon silk fabric of the long and narrow, elegant Birds of Paradise scarf. Art of nature and nature of Triqita’s art go along perfectly.

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