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Silk chiffon scarf Burj Khalifa

Size: 180 x 50 cm | 71 x 20 in

Burj Khalifa

Hand rolled long scarf

100% Natural Silk Chiffon

Source of Inspiration

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Burj Khalifa
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Silk chiffon scarf Burj Khalifa

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    Our Pure Silk Chiffon scarf Burj Khalifa has a perfect size (180x50 cm /71x20") to compliment your evening, ball, cocktail dress draping elegantly from your arms, or tenderly warming up your  shoulders when it gets chilly. It will also make a perfect match with jeans, making you look outstanding with a shirt, t-shirt or blouse. It can also serve as a head scarf or headwear for any reason you wish to use it in this way. It is a perfect travel companion: light to carry and useful if you prefer the touch of silk on your skin instead of the touch of an airplane seat cover. 

   We made this scarf of a photo of the tallest building in the world, which is called Burj Khalifa and is in Dubai. It conveys the colour and distinctive elements of the building. Here is our story about the scarf Burj Khalifa.

If Adrian Smith, the architect of Burj Khalifa, designed this tallest building in the world taking inspiration from the flower Hymenocallis, we designed our silk scarves ‘Burj Khalifa’, taking inspiration from the building itself. 

  We converted a photo of this sky poking wonder, created by the most advanced technologists, architects, engineers and simple workers, into a pattern, having all the elements of Islamic art. 

   We managed to "fit" the 828 meters height of Burj Khalifa into an eight-pointed star, 

which is a symbol of Islamic art and is called khatim or khatim sulayman, seal of the prophets. We also considered that the universal symbolism of the 8-pointed star is balance, harmony, and cosmic order, which reflects the impression that the building gives from any point of view you look at it.

We united the stars with each other and finally got a perfectly harmonious pattern preserving the image of Burj Khalifa and symbolizing all the elements that awarded Burj Khalifa with the name the 'Building of the Century'.

  If you can't take with you a melody created by water dropping on 196 cymbals of 'World Voices' - a sculpture, decorating the residential entrance lobby of Burj Khalifa and representing the 196 countries of the world, reminding that Burj Khalifa is a collaboration of people from across the planet - you may easily take our silk scarf  'Burj Khalifa', which is light and sheer and tells the story about  Burj Khalifa. 

  We printed our scarf on the finest silk and made it available to everyone, who is fascinated with Burj Khalifa, to take it along for a long memory, as the best gift from Dubai, an irreplaceable accessory in your stylish collection of scarves, and an artistic image of one of the wonders of the modern world.

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