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Silk-chiffon scarf Cubes


Hand rolled long scarf

100% Natural Silk Chiffon

Size: 140 x 21 cm | 55 x 8.3 in

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Source of Inspiration

Cubes source of inspiration
Cubes gift package
Silk-chiffon scarf Cubes
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  Natural Silk-Chiffon Long scarf Tirana Cubes from our exclusive Tirana Style collection has everything - the most efficient decorative size (140x21cm /55x8.3"), the  the harmonious geometrical pattern with grey interlace of different blues and yellow,  - to make it your favorite little luxury accessory.   With any of your outfits - business, evening, travel, or casual – Tirana Cubes will make you look more feminine, tender and stylish.  You don't have to think of how to tie the scarf Tirana Cubes, just expose the most of it.  Both ends of the scarf Tirana Cubes have a special pattern, so bring them to the very front.  Now your Tirana Cubes swings and makes you outstanding.  It’s time to satisfy your curious admirers with the story of your jazzy Tirana Cubes scarf.

   The pattern of the exquisite silk scarf Tirana Cubes, we designed from a photo of the abstract painting on one of the buildings in Tirana - the capital of Albania. Tirana sounds very feminine, and Tirana looks like a woman, who is more extravagant than elegant, more naïve than experienced, more unpredictable than reliable, and more chaotic than organized. Yet, Tirana looks as a woman with her own style. 

   Tirana, as a city, doesn't have and never had any architectural wonders, but Tirana has a very artistic "make up".  It was invented by Tirana's former mayor and new prime minister, Edi Rama, who is also an artist. He commissioned himself and some other artists, including Olafur Eliasson of Denmark, to create the colorful decoration for Tirana's dilapidated, dull, concrete and brick apartment buildings. 

   This is why and how the walls of many Tirana's buildings became the canvas for Tirana Biennale-2003 and how Tirana became the biggest-in-the-world free-of-charge 

 outdoor exhibition of abstract expressionism. These bright abstract painted Tirana buildings, each looking as a piece of contemporary art - ugly, funny, ironic, and fascinating - don’t leave anyone indifferent. 

   Triqita wasn't an exception. Triqita began to photograph the Tirana painted buildings and reorganize the images in such a way that “it changes the way we look at the things around us”, as wrote one of the visitors of our exhibition in the National Gallery of Arts, Tirana in September-October 2005.  Triqita converted Tirana's chaotic charm into harmonious decorative patterns for  Tirana Style collection of silk ties and scarves. This is how Triqita has created the new fashion, confirming what Coco Chanel once said, “Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportion”.

   Painting on the buildings of Tirana became not just a fashion, but a style. Both old out-of-fashion buildings and most of the new buildings of Tirana have their colorful dressings. Will the fading colors on the old Tirana buildings be repainted? Time will show. But we, Triqita, took care to preserve this page of Tirana’s history in our photos of each of Tirana’s painted buildings, and in the patterns for silk ties and scarves of our unique Tirana Style Collection. 

      Tirana is “dressed” in art, and it makes her unforgettable, so whether you put on or give away as a gift the scarf  Tirana Cubes from Triqita’s For Travel Lovers/Tirana Style collection, you will be dressed in art, or presenting art, and along with all the quality and the story coming with it, you will also be unforgettable. Tirana Cubes silk scarf is not just a designer scarf, but the stylish, modern, useful, exquisite  and meaningful gift from Albania, and it is also very good for breaking the ice .

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