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Silk-chiffon scarf Eiffel

Size: 160 x 41 cm | 63 x 16 in


Hand rolled long scarf

100% Natural Silk Chiffon

Gift envelope

Source of Inspiration

Eiffel source of inspiration
Eiffel gift wrap package
Silk-chiffon scarf Eiffel
Eiffel gift card

Gift card

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  Natural Silk-Chiffon Long scarf Eiffel from our For Travel Lovers Collection by Triqita has everything to make it your favorite luxury accessory and your favorite gift from Paris - the classic size (160x45cm /63x17.7"), the incomparable touch of natural silk, the mellow colors and the elegance of the Eiffel tower.  Eiffel scarf is big enough to warm you up when it gets cool and dressy enough to upgrade any of your muted outfits. Eiffel scarf is versatile and adds to your image a special charm, just as the Eiffel tower adds to the image of Paris.

   You don't have to think of how to tie the scarf Eiffel, just expose the elegant pattern.  Both ends of the scarf Eiffel have a special pattern, so bring them to the very front.  Now your Eiffel scarf makes you look outstanding and ready to satisfy admiring curiosity with the telling of our story of your Eiffel scarf. 

   The Eiffel Tower is a perfect example of how something completely useless became a symbol of something very significant, and has been bringing significant income to Paris ever since Paris acquired the Eiffel tower.

   However, as soon as we change the point of view and look at the Eiffel Tower, not like a functional construction, but as a work of art, the contradiction will instantly disappear. Works of art aren't supposed to be useful, they are supposed to impress 

with how unique and beautiful they are.

   The amount of people coming to visit the Eiffel Tower at any time and season never changes.  It is 6 million people every year. Since the time when the Eiffel Tower was inaugurated in 1889 up to now, the Eiffel Tower has managed to stay outstanding. 

Designed for 20 years life time, it outlived Eiffel’s project conditions, and keeps surprising us more and more with the elegance of its outlines and the filigree of wrought-ironwork, the kind that is not used any more. 

    As a real art work, it is beautiful in every detail, and every detail of it keeps the image of the whole piece. Triqita designed the Eiffel scarf from our modified pictures of the Eiffel tower. Do you have any doubts that the golden lacy pattern, covering the snow white background with perfect geometrical regularity, derives from photos of Eiffel Tower?  

    So, if you don’t have any doubts regarding the source of inspiration, we are sure that you will like the way Triqita translated the engineering art of Gustave Eiffel into the fine art of the pattern adorning the silk scarf Eiffel. And, if the Eiffel tower remains in Paris as it's iconic decoration, your Eiffel scarf remains with you - light, foldable, telling the stories to your heart and to the people you love.

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