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Silk chiffon scarf Fern
Silk chiffon scarf Fern

Size: 140 x 21 cm | 55 x 8.3 in


Hand rolled long scarf

100% Natural Silk Chiffon

Gift envelope

Source of Inspiration

Fern source of inspiration
Fern gift package
Fern gift card

Gift card

 How many mistakes does William Shakespeare make when he says: “We picked up flower of fern and all became invisible at once,” in Henry the IVth? To be honest not only Shakespeare, but many other people in many different countries, make the same mistake: they believe that the fern has flowers, and that the flowers make invisible whoever manages to pick them.

    The problem is that the fern doesn’t have flowers at all, and since it is not true, these non-existing flowers can’t make anybody invisible. But who cares about the truth. People believe that the fern opens its flowers once a year during the night of Ivan Kupala – the night of Summer solstice. During this supposedly magical night, young couples go into the woods “seeking the fern flower”, and again, since this flower doesn’t exist what are these young people seeking in the woods?

Experts in human nature suggest that to go to look for the fern flowers on solstice night is a euphemism for sex. But if we listen not to them but to the popular legends, we will find another opinion: “anyone who takes a look at a fern flower will be happy and rich for the 


rest of his life”. So, the young people try, and some even find….

    Fern motifs in decorative art have been even more widely spread than the belief in the magical power of the fern’s flowers. The beauty of the fern is so obvious and unspeakable that eventually a way was created to impress the plant itself upon lead or into gum to get the exact copy of it by so called nature printing.

    Modern technology allows making the natural printing process much easier just by taking photos of any object in nature. We took this picture of a fern in the Albanian mountains and this is all that we managed to find on the solstice day there. Since then this picture was translated by us into the exclusive triQita silk scarf Fern, there is a chance that  it will make us rich sometime and keep us happy all the time.

    Don’t wait for the fern to bloom. Take the Fern scarf, and make somebody, including yourself  happy from possessing a nice thing with magical qualities.

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