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Silk-chiffon scarf Glory of Versaille
Inspiration for silk satin scarf Glory of Versaille
Glory of Versaille gift wrap package
Glory of Versaille gift card
Silk-chiffon scarf Glory of Versaille

Size: 140 x 21 cm | 55 x 8.3 in

Glory of Versaille

Hand rolled long scarf

100% Natural Silk Chiffon

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Gift envelope

Source of Inspiration

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    Our Pure Silk-Chiffon Long scarf Glory of Versailles (Tagetis Erecta) from the Flowers Collection has everything - the most decorative size (140x21cm /55x8.3"), the incomparable touch of natural silk, and organic colors of amber yellow and dark green - to make it your favorite and special little luxury accessory.  With any of your outfits - business, evening, travel, or casual –Tagetis Erecta will make you look stylish and feel irresistible. Tagetis Erecta scarf is a statement of your artistic taste and your environmental concern. Put it on and try it out and you will see the difference. Here is our story of the Glory of Versailles (Tagetis Erecta), which is very helpful for breaking the ice

     Do you think about revolutions while looking at flowers? There is a perfect place in the country that spread the revolution virus all over the world, where these kinds of thoughts involuntarily come to your mind. This perfect place is Versailles’ Gardens. Imagination and money of the absolute monarch Luis XIV - the Sun King - brought them to life by the hands of thousands workers, who drained marshes and moved forests, creating this outstanding beauty. 

     Then, 100 years later, in 1789, the workers, who are called revolutionary mobs in the historical documents, came and destroyed not only the absolute monarchy but all that they could destroy on their way to Luis XVI and Marie-Antoinette.  And then the last king to rule France, Louis-Philippe I, who was 

called King of the French, or simply Louis-Philippe, prevented the destruction of all of Versailles, converting the Palace to a museum dedicated to the Glory of France.

     And what is this Glory of France: the great wonders created by architects and artists commissioned by extravagant French monarchs, or the revolution that managed to destroy the wonders of wealth wherever it came, and never managed to build anything equal to compare? 

     Fortunately we don’t have to answer this question. We may just find in Versailles a hidden bench next to a flower bed and have our “palace” lunch looking at the abundance of flowers warming up in the autumn sun, listen to the songs of the bees still working on their honey and feel that we agree with Louis Aragon, who said: “I will never forget the French gardens with their multi-colored beauty”. 

     Helping you not forget the French gardens, Triqita made a silk scarf Glory of Versailles. The pattern of the scarf is designed from a picture of Tagetis Erecta, one of Versailles’ many flower wonders. The perfect round shape and golden color of the flowers of the scarf remind of the sun and the Sun King, thanks to whom there is Versailles with all its beauty and controversy. 

     Glory of Versailles (Tagetis Erecta) silk scarf is not just a designer scarf, but the stylish, modern, useful, exquisite and meaningful gift to anyone you love, and who loves flowers, history, Versailles ...

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