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Silk-chiffon scarf Miranda
Silk-chiffon scarf Miranda

Size: ​180 x 21 cm | 70.8 x 8.3 in​


Hand rolled long scarf

100% Natural Silk Chiffon

Gift card

Gift envelope

Source of Inspiration

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Silk chiffon scarf Miranda Envelope
Inspiration for silk satin scarf Miranda

    Natural Silk Chiffon long scarf Miranda of Molise has a perfect shape for using it in many different ways: you may wrap Miranda of Molise around your neck, your waist, your head and your hat. The pink and maroon colors of the scarf Miranda of Molise do their job: lift your mood, add vivid color to your face, add a smile to your eyes, encourage friendliness.  In Italy pink signifies happiness and joy. That is probably why the houses in a little hill town Miranda of Molise in Italy are mostly pink, and they encouraged us to take a photo of them, to design a scarf Miranda of Molise of this photo and to tell you a story about it:  

    Miranda of Molise is not the Manhattan of Tuscany. This title crowns another Italian hill town - San Gimignano. Tour guides don’t mention Miranda of Molise but she peeps out from behind the beautiful forest of oak trees with her pinkish houses so alluringly that you can’t help driving up and up until you find yourself above the forest of the trees and among the forest of the houses of Miranda of Molise. Each house of Miranda of Molise has a terrific view of the country around. 

    The streets of Miranda of Molise, designed in the early middle ages for horse riders, had to be redesigned for hosting all the objects of modern life.     So, the cars got special “balconies” above the cliffs for parking. 

People got their coffee, beer, talking tables - right next to the houses, and drivers just have to wait for their turn to pass by. 

    Actively ongoing construction and reconstruction in Miranda of Molise creates the feeling that people love this dense living on the top of the hill like on Noah’s Ark. They probably inherited this feeling from their ancestors, who built upon hills for defensive purposes and used such construction techniques that their ancient masonry and stone structures have been surviving all the earthquakes. Seismologists study this technique, tourists observe hill top life, and life in Miranda of Molise goes along. 

    The last feudal lord of Miranda of Molise was Dei Medici. The last of the Medici family was Anna Maria Luisa. Thanks to her “Treaty or Convention of the Family”, all the art treasures belonging to the Medici family became property of the museums of the city of Florence for the enjoyment of people from all over the world. 

    Miranda of Molise wasn’t a part of Medici’s art collection, but it is definitely a very nice piece in the collection of Italian hill towns, and since Triqita made a scarf Miranda of Molise with Miranda’s image, you may enjoy Miranda of Molise scarf as an art work and a collectable from collection For Travel Lovers by Triqita

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