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Silk chiffon scarf Spider Lily
Silk chiffon scarf Spider Lily

Size: 160 x 45 cm | 63 x 17.7 in

Spider Lily

Hand rolled long scarf

100% Natural Silk Chiffon

Source of Inspiration

Spider Lily source of inspiration
Spider Lily gift package

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Spider Lily gift card

Gift card

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   “The flower is the poetry of reproduction”, said Jean Giraudoux.

-  Does it mean that reproduction of flowers is the poetry? 

- Yes, it does! The “reproduction” of the flowers made by Triqita  into the shape of  Chiffon-Silk scarf  is Spider Lily is pure poetry. It has rhythm, it has harmony, and it evokes memories and emotions.

  Its rhythm comes from symmetry used as a principle of “reproduction”; its harmony comes from the perfect match of colours and lines of the original Spider Lily; it reminds of a fine, almost readable Arabic character and it delights as the carved Gothic ornaments of the Middle Age cathedrals.  

  Triqita’s ornamental art is very architectural, and as so it connects us with the times when a lot of elements of architecture became the elements of sculpture, jewellery, furniture and fashion. 

“Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions”, says Coco Channel. Proportions of the silk scarf Spider Lily scarf are perfect to enjoy the virginally white upper level looking like tracery of Alhambra or Notre Dame de Paris, while the green background reminds of stained glass colouring light in the ancient cathedrals.

 Spider Lilies, decorating the ends of the Spider Lily  scarf look more like lotuses.  The crimson line, connecting them is an artery delivering vital juices to the buds existing only in this work of art and perfectly illustrating the continuation of Jean Giraudoux’s words about flowers: “Flower is the example of eternal seductiveness of life”.

 The photo of Spider Lily that Triqita used for our flower “reproduction”, we took in the magnificent park of the resort “Centara” in Thailand in May 2008.

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