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Silk chiffon scarf Wat Pho Blue
Silk chiffon scarf Wat Pho Blue

Size: 160 x 45 cm | 63 x 17.7 in

Wat Po Blue

Hand rolled long scarf

100% Natural Silk Chiffon

Source of Inspiration

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Wat Pho Phra Maha Chedi
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    Our Pure Silk-Chiffon long scarf Wat Pho Blue has everything - a classic size (160x45cm /63x17.7"), the incomparable touch of natural silk, intricate classic Thai ornaments on a dark blue background - to make it your favourite luxury accessory. It is cool and it cools, and it is big enough to warm you up when it gets cool. It is versatile and will make you look more feminine, tender, and stylish with any garment you choose - business, evening, travel, or casual.  And here is the story of our Wat Pho blue scarf.

    At Wat Pho, there are four large pyramids, which are not as old as Egypt’s and not as big. And, although they have the shape of a pyramid, they are called chedis. Actually there are 95 chedis in Bangkok’s Wat Pho Temple, but these four are the biggest and the most beautiful of them all. 

    These four blue, brown, yellow and green chedis are decorated with intricate floral patterns made of ceramic tiles with three dimensional ceramic flowers and leaves. The hand of an unknown artist “grew” these ceramic flowers with such creativity and perfect color matching, that there is nothing that can be added or taken away from the pattern, as in the pattern of a real flower.

     Still there is something that this pattern can be used for to reveal the taste and the 

 skills of Thai craftsmen and to remind us of the first four Thai kings, whose role in the history of Thailand has been fundamental, and who initiated the construction of these four wonders of Thai art. triQita used these patterns to create three chiffon-silk scarves: Blue, Yellow  and  Brown.

    The Blue chedi is dedicated to the King Rama I, who built it to hold the Phra Si Sanphet Buddha image brought from Ayuthaya – the ancient capital of Siam (the future Thailand). 

    The Yellow chedi is dedicated to Rama III, who enlarged the temple in 1832 and turned the temple into a center of learning, making it in essence, Thailand’s first university, and who is also responsible for the construction of the Great Reclining Buddha of Wat Pho. Rama III built the Yellow chedi to hold the ashes of Rama II. Rama III also built the Green chedi to hold his own remains. 

    The Brown chedi is dedicated to Rama IV who built it, but never unveiled for what particular purposes. 

    So these three triQita scarves from triQita World Heritage collection are not only elegant and exclusive garments, they convey the story and the history, the real art and the original charm of the source of inspiration.

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