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100% Natural Silk Chiffon

Hand rolled long scarf


Size: 140 x 25 cm | 55 x 10 in

Price: 42 USD

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Gift envelope with the story of the scaf is included

    Natural  Silk-Chiffon Long scarf Tirana Zebra  from our exclusive For Travel Lovers / Tirana Style collection has everything - the most efficient  decorative size (140x21cm /55x8.3"), the incomparable touch of pure silk, and a classic zebra-like pattern - to make it your favorite little luxury accessory. With any of your outfits - business, evening, travel, or casual - it will always attract admiring attention to you and make you look more feminine and stylish. You don't have to think of how to tie the scarf Tirana Zebra, just expose the most of it.  Both ends of the scarf Tirana Zebra have a special pattern, so bring them to the very front. Now your Tirana Zebra swings and makes you outstanding. It is time to tell the story of Tirana Zebra scarf.

Curvy black, grey and white concentric lines of Tirana Zebra scarf remind of the zebra, but actually have nothing to do with this nicely painted animal. Stripes of our Tirana Zebra scarf are created by the line of the curvy balconies of a building in the Albanian capital Tirana. The building is not a world famous attraction, but it is very well known in Tirana and not because of how it looks outside, but because what it has inside...

    To find Paris in Albania you should go to Korca. To find in Albania a charming Parisian-style café, with real French patisserie, you should go to the Bllok, a district in Tirana, and look for the building that you see in this photo. 

The Bllok is a small area, which used to be blocked off to everyone but the high ranking Party members living around the Bllok’s heart – the former residence of Albania’s dictator Hoxha.

     There are countless restaurants, bars, and cafés, in the Bllok now, but “Patisserie Francaise” is the only one that everyone knows where it is, and that everyone chooses for a coffee with friends, or lunch, when it is necessary to make a good impression upon somebody.  It is not difficult to find it, but it is difficult to leave it - its collection of shiny samovars, and its collection of artifacts of Albania’s past, framed and displayed in such a way that they look completely French.

But after you say au revoir to Marie - the French owner of this little island of France in the middle of Tirana - lift your head up, and look at the waves of white balconies running above the entrance to the “Patisserie Francaise”. With some work on a photograph of these balconies, they became a pattern for a pure silk scarf from Tirana Zebra. The zebra-like combination of white, black, grey and blue of this scarf is as classic, desirable and always as fashionable as a French croissant. 

Tirana Zebra silk scarf is not just a designer scarf, but the stylish, modern, useful, exquisite and meaningful gift, and it is also very good for breaking the ice.

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