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Silk-chiffon scarf Cancer

100% Natural Silk Chiffon

Hand rolled long scarf


Size: 160 x 45 cm | 62.2 x 17 in

Gift envelope with the story of

the scaf is included

Gift package for silk-chiffon scarf Cancer
Silk-chiffon scarf Cancer

Cancer June 21 - July 22

You are capable of heroic sacrifices for those you love. You become the most reliable shoulder to lean on in difficult times. You have a number of ways to achieve your goals - from gentle shyness to outright coquetry. But your most irresistible "weapon" is your culinary art. Your emotions are so sensitive and tender, and the fear of criticism is so strong that you hide your innermost thoughts and feelings.

Element of Water makes you insightful.

Moon, your star patron, gives you emotionality.

Pale lilac, silver, pale orange, the number 2 and all even numbers will help you live in harmony with your cosmic rhythm.

Opal, moonstone, crystal support in moments of despondency.

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