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silk chiffon scarf Libra
silk chiffon scarf Libra

Gift envelope with the story of

the scaf is included

Size: 160 x 45 cm | 62.2 x 17 in


Hand rolled long scarf

100% Natural Silk Chiffon

Gift package for silk-chiffon scarf Libra

Libra September 24 - October 23

You are truly a wise woman, because having an extraordinary mind, you do not expose it, and use it very skilfully. You give your advice and assistance in such charming and friendly way that it never demeans dignity. You are sensual, but you keep your emotions under control of reason. You may give an impression of a weak and helpless one, yet you act decisively and boldly when times are tough. Affectionate, gentle, sentimental and seductive, you will do everything to fill your home with warmth, beauty and comfort.

Element of Air gives you ease.

Venus, your star patron, gives you the desire for harmony.

Dark blue, dark green, purple, celadon, the number 6, and all numbers divisible by 6, help you live in harmony with your cosmic rhythm.

Emerald, sapphire, opal, pearl, beryl help maintain the necessary balance.


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