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silk chiffon scarf Taurus

100% Natural Silk Chiffon

Hand rolled long scarf


Size: 160 x 45 cm | 62.2 x 17 in

Gift envelope with the story of

the scaf is included

Gift package for silk-chiffon scarf Taurus
silk chiffon scarf Taurus

Taurus April 21 - March 20

Your love for beautiful things, beautiful flowers, and sophisticated cuisine creates a threat for your fans and creates comfort, warmth and originality of your home. Your hospitality, moderation, natural behaviour, loyalty to friends and indifference to your enemies provide you with the reputation of a trusted friend and a loving mother. You know how to find joy in everything, but you also know how to put in big trouble whoever is not fair to you, or dares to contradict you.

Earth element gives you inexhaustible vitality.

Venus, your star patron, gives charm and femininity.

Lemon, white, green, purple, the number 6, and all numbers divisible by 6, help you live in harmony with your cosmic rhythm.

Diamond, opal, moonstone keep your strength.


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