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silk chiffon scarf Virgo

100% Natural Silk Chiffon

Hand rolled long scarf


Size: 160 x 45 cm | 62.2 x 17 in

Gift envelope with the story of

the scaf is included

Gift package for silk-chiffon scarf Virgo
silk chiffon scarf Virgo

Virgo August 23 - September 23

"If it is love, then it should be a true love." - this is your motto. And you use the art of flirting better than anybody else, as a means of finding true love. You are the only one, who can be so practical and romantic simultaneously. You can hide your shyness and love, you can perfect the process of performing your work with great patience, observation and practicality, but to see other people's shortcomings and not criticise them, you cannot.

Element Earth gives you good health.

Mercury, your star patron, gives you practical mind and realism

White, light blue, green, the number 5, and all numbers divisible by 5, will help you live in harmony with your cosmic rhythm.

Agate, jasper, emerald, topaz make you more tolerant to the imperfection of the world.


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