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100% Natural Silk Twill Necktie 

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Price: 54 USD

Size: 7,6 cm | 3 in wide

Gift envelope with the story of the scaf is included

Calatrava in Jerusalem

delicate place” and, works in line with the idea of King David:  “Jerusalem is builded as a city that is compact together.” (Psalm 122:3). 
The extraordinarily beautiful, 320 metre-long Jerusalem suspension Bridge of Strings has a single column with 66 cables linking the column’s peak and base and serving also as strings for wind and sky to play their always changing music, exactly as  Calatrava had in mind from the very beginning:  “I thought the city of David deserves a bridge that looks like a harp, the instrument he played”. 

    Looking at the Jerusalem Bridge of Strings you see the Harp of David. Looking at the pattern of our silk tie, designed from the photo of this bridge, you see the Star of David - the symbol of the State of Israel. 

    Jerusalem has the Western Wall - an iconic symbol for Jews, and Jerusalem has the Dome of the Rock - an iconic symbol for Muslims, and Jerusalem has the Church of the Holy Sepulchre - an iconic symbol of Christians. The Jerusalem Bridge of Strings is a new symbol of Jerusalem, serving equally well for everybody to carry them over and bring joy to their eyes.    

    We believe that our silk tie Calatrava in Jerusalem from Trilqita's Gift For Travel Lovers/Gift from Jerusalem Collection, unites symbols of all three major religions, considering Jerusalem their holy place, and satisfies everybody’s taste and need, and is among those things that are for the peace of Jerusalem. And, since the tie Calatrava in Jerusalem is blue, and the blue is one of the most loved color of the men, it is also good for giving your image a cloudless morning blue sky mood.

Our hand-made natural silk tie, Calatrava in Jerusalem, was designed by Triqita from our photos of the Bridge of Strings in Jerusalem, while the bridge was designed by the famous Spanish architect Diego Calatrava. The pattern of the Calatrava in Jerusalem tie looks absolutely classic. No bridges cross it. But here is the story, explaining how the tie Calatrava in Jerusalem was created from Calatrava's Bridge in Jerusalem.

    Some people build bridges, some people burn bridges, most people cross bridges, and we are the only people, who convert bridges into fashion accessories. 

    Some bridges serve as connectors, some as skyways, most bridges decorate the landscape, and only few bridges decorate silk ties and scarves and those who wear them. The Jerusalem Bridge of Strings  is the third bridge that Triqita made easy to wear. The first was NY Riverside Drive, then the Rio Antirio Bridge in Greece and now, Calatrava’s bridge in Jerusalem. We had some experience, but we wanted to create not just a nice pattern, but a symbol. 

    Ehud Olmert, Jerusalem’s mayor at the time when the bridge project was initiated, also wanted not only a functional solution to a traffic problem. He wanted a symbol. “You have done many bridges,” he told the world famous Spanish architect, Santiago Calatrava, “but a bridge for Jerusalem will be the most beautiful thing that you have ever done.”

    It took 6 years and $70 million to build it at the very busy entrance to western Jerusalem.  Now there are light trains running and pedestrians walking on the bridge.  There is a plaza under the bridge, which according to Calatrava “ gives character and unity to this 

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