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100% Natural Silk Twill Necktie 

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Price: 54 USD

Size: 7,6 cm | 3 in wide

Gift envelope with the story of the scaf is included

Gjirokaster Roofs

then now.  Ladders dropped from the secondlevel of the houses, letting the invited guests in, and keeping uninvited guests and blood thirsty seekers of thefeud out. 

    Englishmen say, “My house is my castle”, and Albanians from Gjirokastra built their houses as the mini-castles. Since the Gjirokastër house is one of the most distinguished styles of Albanian houses, we may conclude that most of Albanian houses are castles. 

    The real castle of Gjirokastër, after 700 years full of dramatic and historic events, is still in good shape and serves not only as a museum of armor, but also as a ground for charity concerts of the world famous opera singer, Inva Mula. Every four years Gjirokastër hosts a traditional Albanian Folk Festival. This festival brings together Albanian folk artists from Albania, Sicily, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Turkey. Folk music, instruments, songs, dances, and costumes brighten up the unforgettable City of Stone, which UNESCO has decorated as a World Heritage site.

 Gjirokaster Roofs tie from Triqita's " Gift for Travel Lovers/Gift from Albania" collection is also a decoration, which ties you with the unique place and has its own story, which you may tell.

    Remember, that the ties from Triqita are also very good for breaking the ice and they are not just designer ties, but the stylish, modern, useful, exquisite  and meaningful gifts.

    The pattern printed on the natural silk twill for the hand-made tie Gjirokastër Roofs, was designed by Triqita from our photo of the stone roofs of Gjirokaster - a city with unique architecture in the south of Albania. If you have never been in Gjirokaster and just looked at the Gjirokaster Roofs tie, you would understand why the city's name means "Silver City". Gjirokaster's original limestone slates, covering most of the roofs, give the city a distinctive silvery appearance. The Gjirokaster Roofs tie is a very elegant classic looking accessory with the pattern illustrating the high level of craftsmanship required to solve the puzzle of putting together the slates of different size and shapes so that they hold each other without any mortar. 

    But we give you another puzzle : "Why may one fall on a neighbor’s roof?" If the answer is because the streets are very steep and the houses sit one above the other, you may be sure that the city with this kind of streets and houses is Gjirokastër. 

    Gjirokastër is dressed in stone from top to toe: stone roofs, cobble stone streets, white wash stone walls, one thousand stone steps. As a result of such devotion to one local material, the city is called the City of Stone, and it has its own Chronicle in Stone, written by Ismail Kadare about his childhood in Gjirokastra during WWII.

    Gjrokastër’s history may have begun in the Stone Age, but its golden age is not as far away. In 1800-1860 it looked much better   

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