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Gift envelope with the story of the scaf is included

Price: 54 USD

Size: 7,6 cm | 3 in wide

Collection: Gifts for You Only

Joeky of Artemision

100% Natural Silk Twill Necktie 

    The pattern of the handmade silk tie, the Jockey of Artemision, was designed by Triqita from our photo of the Jockey of Artemision. The dynamic bronze statue on the Spanish-red background yelled to be transferred to a tie. We responded to this inner voice with our dynamic design of the Jockey of Artemision tie. The ascending rows of the horses with the boy riders, create a feeling of a harsh horse race, which the statue actually represents. At the same time the rows of competing riders on the Jockey of Artemision tie give the classic look of a striped tie.

  The Jockey of Artemision has been riding his horse since 150-146 BC. The biggest threat (due to the material he was made of), which he happily escaped, was to be melted down for metal. But thanks to the ancient ship wrack, he spent most of his life on the bottom of a see. Nobody knows who made him, who,  why and where sent him on a 

ship, but everybody visiting the National Archeological Museum of Greece, admires him. 
The bronze statue was found in a shipwreck off  Cape Artemision in 1926. Piece by piece during 10 years the whole statue was recovered. It took  38 more years before the stature was reassembled, restored and displayed. Since 1972 the Jockey of Artemision has been  demonstrating the  Hellenistic realism, the way the horse races were conducted in Ancient  Greece and  the high skills of the ancient artists and modern restaurateurs under the roof of the Archeological Museum in Athens.  Nobody cares that few pieces of the statue are missing. It still is a rare surviving original bronze statue  from Ancient Greece, and a rare example in Greek sculpture of a racehorse, and a very impressive and expressive piece of art of all times.

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