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100% Natural Silk Twill Necktie 

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Price: 54 USD

Size: 7,6 cm | 3 in wide

Gift envelope with the story of the scaf is included

Rio-Antirio Bridge

Charilaos Trikoupis bridge in August 2004.

    Rio-Antirio Bridge is also a wonder of engineering art owing to several solutions applied to span the difficult site. These difficulties include deep water, insecure materials for foundations, seismic activity, the probability of tsunamis, and the expansion of the Gulf of Corinth. 

    If you take the 2,880 m walk on the bridge,  listening to the sound of the wind in the cables above you and the sound of the cars rushing by you; if you look from aside at its deck suspended on four pylons with white beams of five-span cables running from the four nodes 57 m up in the blue sky, you will agree with Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, who called architecture frozen music. The gigantic lyre of Rio-Antirrio sounds like a magic lyre that Apollo gave to Orpheus to glorify the wonder of art. 

    The tie Rio-Antirio Bridge from Triqita's "Gift For Travel Lovers / Gift from Greece" collection is to glorify art and to provide you with an artistic and meaningful gift from Greece. Remember, that the ties from Triqita are also very good for breaking the ice and they are not just designer ties, but stylish, modern, useful, exquisite  and meaningful gifts.


      Our hand-made natural silk neck tie, Rio-Antirio Bridge, was designed by Triqita  from our photo of the  Rio-Antirio bridge taken in 2004, when Greece inaugurated the bridge, getting ready to host Summer Olympic Games. The pattern of the tie, has as much harmony of colors and shapes as the bridge itself. And what is more, it tells a story about the 6th Greek Wonder of the World, and the symbol of Greece of the 21st century. 

    - Do you know who possesses 5 of the 7 wonders of the Ancient World? 

    -Yes, you are right. All five used to be in Greece. Greece still keeps holding a leading place on the amount of wonders per country. 

    The latest one is Rio-Antirrio Bridge, which has the longest cable-stayed “suspended” deck in the world. Another reason to consider it as a New-Greek-Wonder-of-the-World is related to the wonder of converting dreams into reality. The dream of connecting Rio in Peloponnese and Antirrio in mainland Greece was generated by Charilaos Trikoupis, who served as Prime Minister of Greece seven times. It took 150 years for his idea to be realized, and wonderfully nobody forgot who was the author of this idea, and the bridge was inaugurated as 

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