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100% Natural Silk Twill Necktie 

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Price: 54 USD

Size: 7,6 cm | 3 in wide

Gift envelope with the story of the scaf is included

Tirana Kavaja

Rama commissioned himself and some other artists, including Olafur Eliasson of Denmark, to create the colourful “make-up” for faceless post-communist Tirana. This is why and how the walls of many buildings became the canvas for Tirana Biennale-2003 and how Tirana became a big attraction for everybody appreciating art and creativity.

    Painting on the buildings of Tirana became not just a fashion but a style. Both old out-of-fashion buildings and most of the new buildings of Tirana now have their colourful dressing. Whether the new mayor will repaint the fading colours on the old buildings, or not, Triqita took the care to preserve this page of Tirana’s history in the photos of every painted building and the patterns for silk ties and scarves of the Tirana Style Collection.

    If you like the idea that “Neckties satisfy modern man’s desire to dress in art”, then you are an artist yourself. So, you can appreciate the ties from Triqita, not only because they are bright and made of pure silk in a very limited edition, but also because they are simply exquisite artefacts of time, place, people and art, which these ties have tied together. 

    Tirana is “dressed” in art, and it makes her unforgettable, so whether you put on or give away as a gift the tie the Tirana Windows  from Triqita’s For Travel Lovers/Tirana Style collection, you will be dressed in art, or presenting art, and along with all the quality and the story coming with it, you will also be unforgettable. Remember, that the accessories from Triqita are also very good for breaking the ice and they are not just a gift, but the meaningful gifts.

The pattern of the hand made silk tie, Tirana Kavaja, was designed by Triqita  of our photo of the building that you see in the picture. This building is just one of many on Kavja Street in Tirana, which are painted this way. The interlace of the simple geometrical shapes  of different colours work as a perfect permanent background for elements of life, which doesn't stay still. Two photos of the same building taken within a month, will have the same colours, but a month will be enough for filling  a window with  bricks, or hanging the laundry, or..., and all these temporal details add a zest to the Tirana Windows tie.  Yet the Tirana Windows tie looks perfectly classic and even has its pedigree.

    Triqita took the photo of the Tirana Windows in the Albanian capital Tirana. Tirana is the only place in Europe, where painting on buildings is widely used as a mood-lifting, land-marking, and artist-inspiring tool. 

    Tirana became the capital city of Albania after the First World War, and the Albanian King managed to decorate it with a few palaces. After the Second World War, when the communists took over, Tirana in general was “a jumble of crazy mud brick houses.” By the time of Edi Rama, who converted Tirana into the biggest-in-the-world-free-of-charge outdoor exhibition of abstract expressionism, Tirana didn’t have any architectural wonders, but she had a lot of dilapidated, dull, concrete and brick apartment buildings.

   Edi Rama served as a mayor of Tirana for 12 years. He was also chosen World Mayor 2004. To begin his career as Tirana’s mayor, Edi 

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