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Hotel Decoration: Rogner Europark Hotel Tirana

Rogner hotel before
Rogner hotel after
Bukuroshja e Durrësit

 Main looby of the Rogner Europark Hotel Tirana


 Main looby of the Rogner Europark Hotel Tirana


  Bukuroshja e Durrësit (Beauty of Durrës) is a polychromatic mosaic of the 4th century BC. It is the most ancient and prominent mosaic found in Albania to this date, and one of the world’s most expressive mosaics of its genre. The mosaic placed in the main hall of antiquities in the National Historical Museum. 

 Triqita made a computer restoration of the mosaic from our photographs, taken in the museum.Triqita used every survived element of the background garden and arrived at our own composition of the Beauty of Durrës. The fine art image of Bukuroshja e Durrësit for the Rogner hotel in Tirana (2.94 m x2.14 m) made by Triqita perfectly corresponds with the style of Hellenistic mosaics, gives new life to one of the most important Albanian cultural treasures, and new look to the Rogner Hotel.

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