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Hotel Decoration: Sheraton Main Lobby


   Sheraton Tirana is one of the Starwood hotels. Triqita  came to the hotel in two years after it was opened and found that the big wall of the main lobby was decorated with the pictures that didn’t match with the rest of the elegant interior design of the hotel. 

    We offered to preserve the  topic of the pictures, but make them look as a part of the hotel's decoration and not only as  hotel information.

The main difference of our approach in decoration is to use what is already there. If the building has an interesting architecture, we transform the picture of the building into a fine art image, having informative and decorative features at the same time. 

This kind of  decoration always exists only in one copy, is always unique and linked to the place it decorates.

We can work with the pictures that you send to us, or we can come and take the pictures ourselves. Contact us  to see what we can do together.


Sheraton Elevator Lobby

Three of these pictures (90x60 cm. Digital print on silk-satin) decorate a small lobby of Sheraton Tirana hotel. It is our second work for Sheraton Tirana and our first experience of using natural silk for making the wall decoration. Natural silk glow turned out to work very well with our stylized flower patterns. It made unreal flowers look alive and real. 



Sheraton conference rooms

  Triqita decorated two break out rooms. We dedicated one room to Berat, which recently was annonced the UNESCO heritage city and onother room - to Gjirokaster, which have had the same status for quite a while. 

 All the fine art images for both rooms Triqita  designed from the pictures that we took in Berat and Gjirokaster. We also used the pictures of Albanian folk costumes. We printed pictures on natural silk and photo paper.

Sheraton Hotel Health Club Entrance

To make a unique decoration for the Health Club reception in Sheraton Tirana hotel we went down to the swimming pool. One of us began to swim, while another began to take pictures... and the rest was just a matter of know how. 



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