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There is no need to market natural silk. It is natural because it is produced by the silk worm, and its marketing campaign has been on since the 27th century BC.
To make the long story of silk short, we will skip its ancient part:
when silk was sold for its weight in gold, and a net of roads, called Great Silk Road, stretched from China to the Middle East and Europe; when caravans delivered the Chinese Emperor’s silk to the kings and to the rich of the world.
By now, everybody knows that silk is a luxurious and sensuous fabric, associated with wealth and success. Not everybody knows that silk is good not only for an image but also for heath.  

Natural silk as therapeutic fiber

  • Natural silk is soothing. It contains a gum called  " sericin, which is a pure protein that treats and cools skin irritations.

  • Natural silk is comforting. It is porous, so it absorbs moisture and permits skin to breathe. This is very significant help in a hot environment. It is cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

  • Silk scares away lice. It helps to protect children from getting lice in school and travelers when they are far away from the means of civilisation.

  • Saprophytes –microscopic dust ticks, creating allergy, do not live in silk. Pillows filled with silk fiber, bedding made of natural silk helps to protect you from saprophytes. This is especially important for the people allergic to them.  

  • Silk has an especially high electromagnetic charge. Even a silk tie or scarf can be the means of recharging your energy during the day. Silk bedding can sooth and recharge you during the night, while silk garments are doing the same all day.

  • Silk does not mildew easily. This helps, not just to keep it in good shape, but makes silk perfect for people having an allergy to mildew.

Advantages of wearing the natural silk

  • Moths are not interested in silk. This helps to keep it in good shape for decades

  • Silk does not attract dirt as much as other fibres

  • Silk is elegant, versatile and washable

  • Silk does not shrink like other fibers, if washed properly

  • Silk is the strongest natural fiber. Good to know, if you have to use your silk sheet as a rope

  • Silk creates luster and beauty as its smooth fiber enables it to reflect light

  • Silk successfully enhances the effect of the wardrobe, giving it a silky feel

  • Silk improves one's look as it drapes beautifully and retains its shape.

  • Silk caresses the figure

  • Silk is a non-flammable fiber. This helps in case of fire by using silk for decoration of the walls or ceilings.

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