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Size: 90 x 90 cm | 35.4 x 35.4 in

Blue Eyes

Hand rolled square scarf

100% Natural Silk Twill

Silk satin scarf Blue Eyes

Gift card

Gift envelope

Source of Inspiration

source of inspiration
Gift envelope for silk satin scarf Blue Eyes
Gift card for silk satin scarf Blue Eyes
Silk satin scarf Blue Eyes

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       - To be outstanding, or to look outstanding? 

        When Edi Rama, who is now a Prime Minister of Albania, just became Tirana’s Mayor, he chose to look  outstanding, and not for himself, but for Tirana, the capital of Albania.

       Since he was an artist,  he commissioned himself and some other artists, including Olafur Eliasson of Denmark, to create the colorful makeup for faceless Tirana. This is why and how the walls of many dilapidated apartment buildings became the canvas for Tirana Biennale-2003 and how Tirana became a big attraction for everybody appreciating art and creativity. 

       Painting on the buildings of Tirana has been not just a fashion but a style. Both old out-of-fashion buildings and most of the new buildings of Tirana  have now their colorful dressing. Anybody, who wants his house look outstanding, let his imagination, budget and skills come up with something unique. That is why, even now, when the colors of the Edi Rama’s “makeup” on the buildings have faded, it is never boring to walk through Tirana’s old narrow streets and get fun and inspiration from what and how is painted on the houses.

       The new mayor keeps painting the buildings, while we, triQita, keep taking photos of every Tirana’s painted buildings and keep converting most of them into the patterns for our exquisite collection of silk scarves and ties Tirana  Style. It  is our  way to preserve this colorful page of Tiana's history.

        Silk never goes out fashion. Silk scarves and ties usually get transferred  from generation to generation, so the story that we print on the packaging for every scarf and tie, and the original colors of the newly painted buildings that we save in the patterns  will remain unchanged, making them outstanding unique storytelling accessories.

       Classic square Silk scarf Blue Eyes belongs to the Tirana Style collection. We "played" with our photo of the building (a source of inspiration) until we felt that we have created the pattern for a beautiful scarf, which looks exactly like the photo, just better... 

       Tirana is “dressed” in art, and it makes her unforgettable, so whether you put on, or give away as a gift the scarf Blue Eyes  you will be dressed in art, or presenting art. Along with all the quality and the story coming with our unique scarf, you will also be unforgettable, and outstanding!

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