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Silk satin scarf Year of the Ox

Size: 90 x 90 cm | 35.4 x 35.4 in

Year of the Ox

Hand rolled square scarf

100% Natural Silk Satin

Gift card

Gift envelope

Source of Inspiration

Gift envelope for silk satin scarf  Year of the Ox
Gift card for silk satin scarf Year of the Ox
Silk satin scarf Year of the Ox
Inspiration for silk satin scarf Year of the Ox

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 ”I don't believe in astrology; I'm a Sagittarius and we're skeptical”, said Arthur C. Clarke. So, we don’t have to believe in astrology to know our signs of Zodiac and even to “blame” on them some of the features of our characters. There is plenty of ways to match our opinion about ourselves with what we suppose to be according to our Zodiacs. In spite that there is just one particular day and time of our birth, we have more than one Zodiac sign that we belong to. Arthur Clarke was a Sagittarius according to Western zodiac and at the same time he was a Fire Snakeaccording to Chinese zodiac, and Red Snake according to Mongolian zodiac… For triQita the most important is not that you believe or do not believe in astrology, but to provide you with an exquisite gift that you will be proud to present to your friends or relatives considering at least one of their zodiac signs. This consideration will make your gift more personal and valuable.

    Here is a pure silk scarf dedicated to those who are born in the year of Ox/Bull/ Cow (any of this name is correct, but we use just one of 

them: the Ox). Since people born in the Year of the Ox are widely read and possessed of a brilliant intellect, they will respect and respond to the creativity that helped triQita to combine a cow and a bull in one Ox. They will like a meadow full of flowers spread on the sky-blue silk field to be possessed just by the Oxen themselves. Protected all around this blooming meadow will make them feel good because all Ox persons are possessive and like their property to be protected.
    People born in the year of Ox have a keen eye for details, and all the details of the silk scarf Year of the Ox will satisfy their demand for perfection in everything that they do and everything that other people do for them or anything they get to judge. Don’t forget that Ox people in addition to being kind, caring, logical, positive, filled with common sense and high intelligence, making them the best friend you can ever have, also acquire a remarkable memory and will always remember you and your very special gift from our Zodiac Collection.

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