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"I am an owner of many scarves, and my husband ties, from Triqita. Each piece is a work of art. I am impressed with each new image that makes the magical transformation of recognizable images and forms into breath-taking geometric designs. The quality of the printing of the images on delicate silk is rendered in exquisite detail. The colors make a splendid array.  The discovery of these beautiful items was truly a treasure for me."
Christine Landgraf, Newport RI, USA

"I have owned this scarf for only a few days and I have received many compliments already. It is so pretty that i think I will wear it inside my winter coats over jackets, blouses, dresses and shirts. It pairs wonderfully with little black dresses and white shirts. It is just so gorgeous and classy that I would recommend it to anyone!"
Enke Plasari, Tirana, Albania

"A stunning scarf with my black sweaters and tops all year round. I love to tuck in my suitcase when traveling. Also super gift to bring along for a special friend."
Galina Stolarski, Baltimore, USA

"The blue in this scarf is lovely with grays and maroons. I use this scarf in place of jewelry. Representing a lovely ancient town in southeastern Europe, I find the scarf a marvelous conversation piece."
Pamela Griffin, Washington, USA

"Your scarf with rabbit looks fantastic!!!"
Clara Montobbio, Madrid, Spain

"I wore your beautiful Berati scarf yesterday and , as usual, had many compliments."
Susan Lively, Washington, USA

"I absolutely love my "Diamond" scarf - unique and beautiful. Have received many compliments. Would like to purchase more to give as gifts."
Valerie, Niamey, Niger

"Many of my friends just adore your scarfs!"
Margareta Hogner, Sweden,

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