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Triqita in Russian is 3 whales. Its metaphorical meaning is 3 pillars. 

Three of us - Lowell, Natasha and Vladi are the three pillars of what we are doing. 

How  we work rests on 3 pillars –  SERENDIPITY, LOVE, INTENSITY.

    Serendipity: is a happy accident - the accident of finding something you have dreamed of unexpectedly. Our happy meeting took place quite by chance many years ago in the Central Asian city of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Lowell went there to work and Natasha was the first person he met when he arrived. 

    After some years together in Kyrgyzstan, serendipity took them to Tirana, Albania, where the mayor, Edi Rama, was painting old apartment blocks in the downtown in bright colors and patterns. Lowell started photographing the buildings and for the next 8 years continued to photograph them as Mayor Rama continued to paint them. 

    Not content with simple photos of these buildings, Lowell started to manipulate the photos and the happy accident of new designs emerged from the balconies, windows, hanging wash, satellite dishes, flower pots, air conditioners, electrical wires and the paintings themselves. 

    Natasha took these arabesque elements and created her designs for printing on silk scarves, ties and wall hangings.

Natasha’s son, Volodya, who also had an interest in design, became part of the design group, and the happy accident Triqita began.


     Love:   We love each other. We love to work together. We love to create.


    Intensity: Many of our designs are bold patterns with bright colors. This is a reflection of what delights our eyes in the world. We get a great deal of pleasure from the process of creating our designs. We hope that you may find that same pleasure wearing them.

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